How do I get started?

Anyone of our mixes are great to start with. You can switch from kibble to raw immediately without a transition period, but we would suggest that you transition slowly. Not all pets are the same and some handle the transition differently then others.

How much should I feed?

It all depends on the size of your pet. The recommended amount is 2-3% of your pets body weight per day. But ultimately, you should observe your pet for proper feeding proportions. 

Can I feed raw with kibble?

You should never feed raw meet and kibble together, your pet will digest the two foods at different rates. This can cause discomfort for them. If you want to supplement kibble with the raw to help with the transition, we would suggest that you feed them 4-6 hours apart; one for breakfast and one for dinner for example. 

How long will the meat last after thawing?

Our mixes are made with fresh USDA grade meats and vegetables. We package the meat within a few days of the animal being processed. Our meat and vegetables are always fresh when packaged, but we do not recommend keeping thawed meat past 3-5 days. It may be necessary to start with 1 pound containers if you think 2 pounds will last longer than 3-5 days. Treat your pet's food like you would your own. 

Is raw meat safe?

Dogs and cats have digestive systems that can handle bacteria and raw meats that humans have trouble with. All our mixes are made with fresh USDA meats and vegetables, but you should always use safe handling procedures.