Why Raw?


Dogs and cats are carnivores, who depend on animal protein and animal fat for energy and maximum health. A processed grain filled diet is unnatural for our pets whose ancestors evolved on meat, bones, and organs obtained from eating their prey. Our companion animals still have the same internal organs and digestive systems as their wild ancestors—on an evolutionary time line, domestication is but a small segment in a very long line representing thousands of years.


We have been preparing raw pet diets since 1999. Our mixes use the best ingredients available; including human grade USDA inspected meats, which are usually locally raised, and top quality vegetables, often organic. Many of our customers comment on the fresh appearance and fragrance of our mixes. 


We recommend that you try feeding your pet Balto Raw as the best possible substitute for your pets’ natural species appropriate diet. Quality, freshness and variety are guaranteed. There are no fillers, no grains, no soy, no preservatives, and no heat processing, just pre-ground frozen mixes formulated from the best fresh, human grade meat, bone, organs, and vegetables. The recipes have been tested, modified, and approved by hundreds of canines and felines over the last twenty years. Used in conjunction with raw meaty bones, Balto Raw provides the ultimate in nutrition for happy, healthy pets.